The Bed Landscapes

This body of work describes a blurry moment between being awake and sleeping. The Bed Landscapes are subjective fantasies of life in the big city, surrounded by light with no sun, an extreme weather, and constant chaos.

This photographic series pinpoints moments in life, both significant and incidental. They are illusive and anonymous, reflections and analogies to landscapes and nature. Using an associative vocabulary that is aroused by the abstract, I created an intimate body of work where beds and bodies become landscapes, and light projects warmth and temperature. The dreamlike-nature of these images created stylized studies subdued and engaging, alluding to landscapes and views from my home country. This work lingers into the genre of memory, and creates a special kind of visual story where highlights and shadows are used to challenge still-life and portrait photography.

I use a medium-square-format Hasselblad camera to record my impressions. Each piece in the Bed Landscaped series is a limited-edition C-Print.